How Mortgage Lenders in Long Island Can Save You Thousands, and Remove the Stress of Finding a Mortgage

Whether you’re buying a house for the first time or you’re looking to refinance your current mortgage, this can be a stressful and tricky time. For most of us, a mortgage is the single biggest loan we’ll ever take out and will directly impact the home we’re able to afford and the lifestyle that follows as a result. No pressure: but getting this wrong could prevent you from getting the house of your dreams or cost you thousands.

This is why it’s so important to speak to a professional, qualified and efficient mortgage consultant first.  I am just such a mortgage consultant and if you’re in the market for a loan, then I’d love to help you find the best deal without the stress.

What Does a Mortgage Consultant Do?

As a mortgage consultant, my job is to help you find a mortgage for your new home and to help you negotiate the terms of any current mortgages. I make the process fast and easy, helping you to skip over the jargon and the numbers and laying everything out clearly for you.

When a client comes to me, I will help them go over their finances and will perform a single credit check that won’t hurt their rating. From there, I can then consult with banks on their behalf to negotiate the best rates. Even if you have a less-than-perfect credit score, I can still help you to find a loan where you may have struggled before – I’ve been in the industry for years and I know it inside out.

Once I’ve got you some great deals, I’ll then come back to you and consult with you to help you make the best decision for your future.

How to Get in Touch With the Best Loan Officer in Long Island, New York

I deal with all kinds of clients from first time buyers to small businesses. In every scenario, I don’t stop until they have the best deal available and I have helped countless people to save thousands of dollars. I want to do the same for you, so if you have any questions or would like a free, no-obligation chat then just give me a call to discuss your situation.

Alternatively, why not check out my FREE Home Buying Guide where you can get loads of great tips for finding the best property and the best mortgage?

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